Which coach do you see the least?

Running Kerr most of the time, but recently seem to meet him more and more and get PB glitch both home and away now. Who do you see the least? I was thinking Brad Stevens? Usually see Pop when it comes to defensive coaches.

~70 straight game with Stevens w/o a glitch.

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Ty lue


Stevens of the Dia/Amy coaches, but if you wanna play it save you go for a Ruby coach.

How are player takeovers with this coach? I really like Kerr for his 3pt boosts. Allows big O to get sharp takeover.

I use him too.

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Players that can still get sharp are valuable. I made a thread asking about it the other day…Melo, Bird, Barry, AK, Kuzma, PD Lebron. I think the extra strength is nice down low.

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A lot of Lock/Rim Protector/Rebaunding takeovers.

Steals, strenghts and low post D IQ are crucial, but most importantly i can use my playbook and i rather have it than +4 in threes or BC upgrades.

With Pop or D’Antoni i had playbook glitch every 3/5 games.

Although Nate Thurmond was dropstepping Limited KAJ and boarding all over him with crash boards on, defensive coach, manual boxout and Josh Smith at power forward. It was kind of pissing me off. Still won the game, but it was bullshit.

Defensive coaches dont get a steal boost Im pretty sure…I think only ruby coaches give plus three to point guards.

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No, they don’t per se.
I mean -steals as results of imoroved D stats and defensive takeovers.

Red Auerbach

Because they can’t bother to add historic coaches

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I agree…I think on ball defensive IQ and steal work together in the on ball steal animation trigger algorithm.

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What is your lineup looking like…this is mine. I switch it up a lot based on matchups and do two five man line changes so it doesnt matter who I have starting.

I throw the big men in when necessary.


Bad news is, that CWebb has rim protector/glass cleaner takeovers with Stevens. Absolutely need that post scorer takeover for him :frowning:

It’s annoying as F when you like a player and can’t get the takeover you want.

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Lol this is the struggle no one talks about

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Awesome lineup, I like running a lot of the same guys. You switch everything on defense, too, I assume?
The takeover thing that really annoys me is that Magic and Hakeem lose their Post takeovers.

Ya I switch all and have been mixing in half court trap lately…it’s game over against a weak opponent. Switch all and stay attached while playing on ball D.

I don’t use Hakeem too much since the only time I need a traditional center is against Wilt, Yao, Sabonis and Wilt/Mutombo are better suited for that matchup. I don’t actually post with Magic…I like his size on defense and cheesy full court dribble moves. So I’m not missing the post takeovers right now.

I really like the lineup on offense because you can really expose off ball defense having bigs that can handle the ball.

Bob Love is the best player on my team…him or Melo.


Crashing the boards on defense and sometimes on offense has been awesome with this lineup…sometimes my whole team is jumping up for a board.

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