Which coach are you using at this point of the game?

I’ve been using D antoni since a long time, I wonder if this is time to switch to a defensive coach.

Packed Nurse early in the game

Will always keep him

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Mike malone maybe will switch soon to d antoni

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Mike Malone


i know from the stats point of view defensive coaches make sense since there are so many offensive demon cards out. But having the right take over badges (slash/sharp) is the more important than getting better defensive stats
Antoni is good



Mike Malone. The best coach don’t @ me.


Vogel since I’m not spending 5 mil mt on a better coach

Nurse. I’ve tried Dantoni a few times but I just love how balanced Nurse’s boosts are. He’ll be my guy long-term.

Facts malone has the best boosts


Can’t believe i got him for 4k

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Hesitating to try out D’antoni

D’antoni for that speed stat

im using malone as well
does he give different boost than d’antoni? i was thinking about an upgrade as well

Yeah d antoni doesnt boost perimeter defense

no way is d’antoni worth what people pay when Malone and Vogel can basically give the same thing

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but yeah in general the choice of coaches and diamond shoes shouldnt be based on stat, you need to know what take over they give instead
boosting def at this stage will easily end up in a lockdown/rim badge instead :cold_face:

Damn, Malone has nice boosts

Had D’antoni. Sold him and switched to Bud. Every card is juiced on offense by now.