Which center has the best/fastest jumpshot

Embiid? Cousins? Ralph? Which do u think

Big z

Big Z — run him at the 1-3.

Haven’t used Z but I really like the new Towns release

I used z for one game, he is better than Sampson, and don’t let his speed fool you he’s so big that he’s just a problem

When ever they release a big with base 11, we will all feel the cheese.

5 men lineup base 11.

I think 2klabs had Eaton and Camby as the fastest when their data was public

Big Bad Brook Lopez

Best chance at a big with base 11 is sabonis…

Z has the smoothest by far.

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yeah camby shot is realy nice and easy to green , you can green 3 so easly with a shoe and coach

New towns went 22/16 for me yesterday. I’ve always avoided KAT cards in myteam, but this guy hoops!

Definitely not Ralph. Haven’t used Embiid but Boogie’s isn’t bad. Doubt it’s the best though


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I ran Camby for a long while earlier in the year. I’d picked him up for his defense, but that release is so butter. Same as last year

I was wondering about this…so with Dantoni and a three point shoe Camby is a solid from three?

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I’d say so. You got Magic? That always helps :slight_smile:

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I do…I’ll have to try it even though it’s probably a waste to put a three point shoe on him at this point in the game.

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He also lacks a fade, but he’s nasty with lobs, and that was with God knows who throwing them, so it should be even better with Magic

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I think Z’s fade is above avg. Low release point but dude is high enough lol and creates space. Also don’t waste a slot with posterizer, he dunks a lot without it. This guy would be a cheat code with 70 LQ :face_with_thermometer: 25 is really well put.

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