Which cards you still looking forward to?

Are there any particular cards you still really want, like let’s say GO Jordan with actually great stats and such? If you had to pick one card you really really want, who’d that be ?

GO Kobe


PD Jimmy Butler
PD Eddie Jones
PD Penny Hardaway


KG and Jimmy Buckets

If rudy gay or dion waiters got a better card that would be cool.

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PD or even opal Peja

PD/GO Porzingod

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I was honestly about to type this

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Klay with HOF shooting HOF def stopper (pick dodger and/or pocket would be great too).

A Tmac that isn’t bundled with a pedophile.

The card I didn’t know I was missing until 2K19, a galaxy opal Granger.

Pd Lonzo again

a better Hakeem hopefully that isn’t a set reward.

KG, PG, Jimmy Buckets, Kareem, Ben Simmons with some sort of defensive badging maybe and Rodman

DRob with 86 ballcontrol


GO Shaq and Magic

Pink Diamond/Galaxy Opal Paul George
Pink Diamond Jimmy Butler
Pink Diamond Joel Embiid
Pink Diamond Ben Simmons (w/ 3 ball)
Galaxy Opal James Harden … only if his release is updated to his 2K18 release though

GO Hakeem - Goat
Perfection Jordan & Lebron
GO Tmac
GO Durant
GO Magic
GO Kobe
GO Melo

Forgot about MVP Giannis

GO Kobe, GO Hakeem or a PD faster one, PD Pau Gasol with HOF Dimer and PD Doncic.