Which C/PF combo should I go with?

Which one is a better combo or good to play with ?

C : Diamond Mutombo / PF : Diamond Draymond
C: Amethyst J-Smoove / PF: Diamond Draymond

yao and dray. trust me. if your going to go with Mutumbo then get the 7"6 monster. better scorer too.

No – do not. Dikembe is a freak and is much more agile than Yao. Reliable midrange shot too, and yams so viciously. Better defender and rebounder as well.

I feel like Yaos height and length make up for his speed. I have a diamond shoe on him which makes him a little faster. I used Mutombo and felt like Yao played better all around. They’re around the same price. You can always try them both. I feel like Yao is underrated due to his speed.

How does Draymond matchup against other bigs ? Does he get dominated or ?

Hoping for a Yao & PD Tmac duo. At this rate though, I don’t think it’ll happen.

Would he be just as good in the boards as wilt? I need someone quick and good in the paint, doesn’t have to be a scorer as I run plays most of the time

Yeah same i need a new good rebounder and defender. Diamond Marc Gasol fouls 2-3 times per game for me and its pretty annoying