Which All-Decade Team would be the best with 2K18 cards?

Who would have the best squad if you went decade-only? Let’s see your lineups

The 90s Lineup is pretty fun

The 2000’s is the best. Easily.


Disregard the 2010’s in the lineup.

Nice. My starting 5

Reggie Miller and Charles Barkley would have been in the lineup if they was in the game

7 of the Dream Team lol.

For this game’s iteration, I’d probably rather have Admiral than Shaq

Look at 99 Shaq’s tendencies and stats though. None of us have had the fortune of using that 99. He is probably unstoppable near the rim.

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Yeah you’re probably right. I never bothered to look because I have no chance at the card

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Why not 98 CP3 over Nash?

Because Nash won 2 MVP’s and brought his team to the NBA WCF.

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I thought it was for the purpose of being the best in-game.

That 98 CP3 shits all over Nash.

Also Nash didn’t even really deserve one mvp. He truly was incredible in that system, but he never played D. Shaq dominated both ends for Miami, and in 2006 we all know Kobe was robbed like Ocean’s 11


Lakers was the 7th seed that year. Kobe didn’t make his team better. A MVP makes him and teammates look good despite how trash they are. He didn’t deserve MVP for being scoring 35 ppg and barel

I thought we were just putting in lineup-form the best units between all decades. Of course I would use CP3 lol.

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Who was Kobe’s supporting cast again? :thinking:

Dude everyone in sports knows Kobe was robbed that year. I’m not even a Kobe fan, and despised him for a long time… yet I too think he was robbed.


Chris Mihm and Smush Parker had their best seasons that year though :thinking:

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Lmao I’m not on lunch so I can’t provide stats

Kobe ain’t top 10 all time. Fight me.

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