Which 2 out of these 3 power forwards should I have on my team?

Pd blake
Pd antawn jamison
Pd all star kuzma
I currently have blake and kuzma, so who should i replace/sell if at all?

How about posting the rest of the team?

Those are all shooting guards :joy:

Serious answer antwan and Kuz

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All 3.

I see a 4, a 2 and a 3.

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I put work on kuzma at the 2, doesn’t scare me one bit

Russell at the 4 is one of my favorite moves this year

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I’m 100% going to play any of these three players at the pf position so which 2 are the best players at the pf position? My team is:
Tbe magic-unlimited vince-pd bird-pd blake-pd oden
Moments pd wade-pd clyde-pd pippen-pd as kuzma- pd bill russell

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Blake and kuzma for sure. Antawn feels small for me, definitely someone to play at sg or sf. Even with kuzma I’m not 100% comfortable there. Stats say he’s not weak, game play says different for me.

I like Blake only problem is his shot release is too slow.

I was thinking of selling kuzma for jamison and keeping blake because jamison and blake are the 2 best statswise, jamison has more hof badges and a nicer release than kuz

Bill Russell better at the 4 for me

Blake and Antawn. Kuzma can play 2 or the 3 at best, but if you’re playing bill russel at the 5 on the bench it’s better to play Blake with him and Antawn with Oden imo so it doesn’t feel like your bigs are undersize.

ill sell vince and wade. slide kuzma in the starting SG. then put drexler bench PG, jamison banch SG and get porzingod bench PF

Tbe magic-AS kuzma-pd bird-pd blake-pd oden
Moments pd clyde-jamison-pd pippen-pd Porzingid- pd bill