Where's the Curry challenge?

Apparently its against all pd stephs.

Dunno cant see it lmao

Its a 2k mystery

Where did you hear about it?

PD Magic will meet them at the post


2kmtc tweeted it

https://2kmtcentral.com/19/players/8967/stephen-curry. Its not a fake placeholder either

Why are we thinking its a challenge card?

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PD Lebron challenge cards got snatched on Christmas, maybe this one will get snatched on St Patrick’s Day


I need that steph in my life!

Curry IS half Irish you know.


Thanks, so if its uploaded to the database does that mean its a reward or just the card we are playing against five of?

Theres a bunch of fake placeholders so this one should be available to obtain, i cant say forsure though

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no one knows

Ronnie knows…he just wont tell us

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Ronnies been quiet lately since the celeb game


Blowing open layups is a good way of getting your twitter privalages removed

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Thats his series 3 card … a guy on here has him

Im confused lol