Wheres my raps fans at ?!?!?!?!?!?!

Raps finally woke up… gonna cash in this layups tho.
They can win this, I really hope.

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We are all hoping and praying lol

im here brother was looking for you guys but was on wrong site lol :slight_smile: i hate to say it but sweep ?

i woke up late when the end of the first was on raps had 6 points then watched there come back now cavs warming up should be a good second half

Fuck the refs… again

ya seen lebron get a push havent watched much yet feeding the kids and stuff i will get to watch the second half

going to be Cleveland and Boston and i hope we smash that trader kyrie irvins team

I really like how raptors played this year! But when it comes to playoffs, you really have to give it your all like d Mitchell and oladipo. I think they’ve given lebron his confidence and that’s hard to stop when he’s in that mode. Just sucks that they get an easier run every year. I really hope raptors do it for Toronto.

lebron gone after this year so we wont be in your way but you guys played so bad in the playoffs compared to regular season any good team will give you trouble, they need to step up in the play offs derozen and your other big lowery are what 2 for 18 ? wtf they need to play ,kevin love stepped up korver stepped im surprised the hell out of me

Sorry Raptor fans, but the craptors get cucked again. No surprises here.

Yeah it’s over my guy, craptors won’t even get past Bron when he’s 39. I love me some Dechosen but we all know he turns into DeFrozen

Raptors should have signed Bismack Biyombo and built around him.

Shoulda kept Rudy Gay & done the same. Oh well enjoy losing to Lebron, kekeke.

ya cleveland will be done no need to care anymore after he leaves lol

They tried. Orlando offered him more money. Raps werent comfortable building around a centre who can only rim protect. We have poeltl and lucas nogueria at c that both provide the same thing… bismack is not the reason why the raptors are “so sad sacked”

Nah Bismack was like Bill Russell. A true winner.

Yah. Seems like he turned that magic team around …

Yup. Sure did. He knew they had no chance so hes helping them tank. A true winner. Doing whats best for the team and its future.

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The END is near

C’mon Raps, I need this for the sake of my mental health!