Wheres my raps fans at ?!?!?!?!?!?!

BIG GAME TONIGHT. CANT AFFORD NO SHOWS. Hoping for a good game tonight ! Lets go raps

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I am a Lebronto Barneys fan.

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As a fellow Canadian, I think it’s safe to say it’s over… LeBron is Toronto’s daddy, LeBron is cucking the raptors.

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Raps starting vanvleet instead of ibaka tonight. Playing small. Should be interesting. Figured i was the only one out here

Might be time to turn the tv off

Some of these calls man. I hate being that guy. But i cant ignore it …

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Raptors had an inflated record with all the teams tanking this year. They actually aren’t very good.

Y’all need to start all over tbh get rid of derozen and Lowry y’all not going anywhere with em

Its funny. I ask where my raps fans are and i get a bunch of people trolling lolololol.

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They need to bring back Bismack biyombo. Hes their only hope.

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Ibaka gotta step up

Dude your trolling stop

where the fuck are mcleod and carr??? am I watching the wrong channel or what. cavs games are NOTHING withoud these dudes. absolutely hate boring broadcasters

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Notice how when Biyombo was on the team the series was actually competitive. Am I trolling?

Clarkson just sauced Lowry to the ground and drained a 3.

Please man. Stop. How much raptor ball have you watched ??? If your trying to tell me that bismack is gunna make us into contenders your trolling man.

And cj with the 4 pt play

Are you watching rn? Ibaka is a bum. Lebron is killing him in the paint. Raptors have the wrong African. Bismack is the right one.

Ibaka has two blocks and is actually playing a engaged game. Yes im watching lol

Lebron is walking through him. It would be better if he wasnt even there because hes giving up and ones.