Where you at collector level wise?

I’m at 732 cards going for Eddie for sure, maybe 200 tokens, eventually. Sold back twice already, once i hit 350 and once i was 600, both times made some nice profit, but i keep coming back for more :rofl:

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225 selling back after I get Kidd

I’m over 300 and haven’t spent much time with the game. Basically waiting for crashes so I can make a big move in collecting.

I might make a slow attempt at IT but tbh that’s all. I don’t give a fuck about the rest


Even as a NMS player this year, I can’t begin to imagine selling and re-buying all these cards back.

I’m just gonna sell dups, and slowly build my collection over time (I’ll sell super valuable singles of course, just not clearing my collection constantly).

I just got to the level after Kidd, for 15kMT. I think that’s the 425 level?


I’m doing the same. I’ve sold some high priced singles, but keeping the rest and slowly building.


I’m just selling silvers, I’m close to Walter Davis, gonna try and get IT


Dom gives so many damn cards this year. Haven’t really touched any other modes (except TToff to finish off EVO cards) yet, with the great dom rewards we get.

Just got IT, but getting Eddie is gonna be rough, given i’m cheap and i’d run or be close to out of MT if i werent.

I’ve collected 1038. The community hub menu in-game is obviously wrong. Pretty sure there are people ahead of me too.

Did you got tons of arenas/logos/balls ? Did you got those on cheap or bought them on these high prices?

204 cards

I’m over 1000. Started collecting day 1 just buying up anything I could for as cheap as possible. I’d like to get to the 300 tokens at 1750 eventually. I’ll probably clear out the collection after that. The 100k for 2000 cards is pretty poor and Jalen Rose is nothing special. Obviously the final 3 Opals are great but we’re probably talking 20+ mil to get AD.

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I got Eddie and I’m seelling back now

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That’s what Kobe’s 81 points said


Sold everything after I got KIdd, and never looked back. Need to stack up more MT and see where I am rn.

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Just past 225 i think (got15 tokens recently). Ill finish domination and then prob sell everything for mt since there will be better cards in ah than from token rewards.

I got Eddie last night. He’s slow. He’s shot pretty nice. Seems a little faster than his ruby.

214, just found some effective filters for the AH after about a week. Want to get to 350 by the end of the day.

Got Eddie Jones working on tokens