Where will LeBron go?

Where do you guys think lebron will end up this offseason whether by free agency or trade I personally think Boston.

lakers with bron and paul george and the young core… I don’t think that is enough. lakers with bron and kawhi…maybe.

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As a knicks fan he trolled us in 2010 so he should make up for it and be a Knick

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I think its enough. Players get better. Lonzo, Hart, Kuzma, Ingram will all be much impoved from last year. Ingram is huge. Especially against warriors as he can matchup with KD rather easily. Lakers with PG and Lebron could be the best defensive team in the league. Lonzo has shown hes a great defender and adding strength this offseason will make him even better. If Lakers can keep Randle thats huge too as Randle seems to kill the Warriors specifically on the glass. If Lakers can get rid of Dengs contract huge if but possible, Lakers could potentially bring in PG13, Boogie, and Lebron but would have to let randle go. Lakers still have that 25th pick this year too.


I don’t see why he would go West while there is an easy path in the East, Kawhi and lebron though that might work.

Lakers would be pretty cool, although not sure how die hard lakers fans would feel about that. Really he should stay in his hometown, re-tool and go after it again, maybe they could add pg

With what? Cavs have no cap room.

Who cares. The warriors win the championship and the headline on ESPN is about this. Who cares really. ESPN is so far up lebrons ass it’s annoying. He’s a great player, but not a god. Greatest athlete to ever play in the league, but prolly not even top ten from for a basketball skill stand point.

He wants to come to PDX. We need a 3 and D SF, to help Damian Lillard.

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I don’t know, a lot of talk going on about how bron’s family is talking him into going to LA. personally, I don’t think bron’s family should talk him into anything. this man has only about 4-5 years left. he should form his opinion based on where he has the best chances to win. he can live the rest of his life, like 40 damn years, where his family want to be after he retired.
personally, I’d like to see bron in san antonio. I want to see him working with a true mentor-like coach he listens to. bron with the 76ers would be fun too but this team actually has its own identity, like the celtics.they build something up without bron. making these teams bron’s team doesn’t feel right somehow.

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The NBA just needs to form a team of the leagues best to go against the Warriors. The way they played, especially towards the end of the series, shows that the NBA needs to step up.

CANt they move some pieces around ?

Who? Jr and tt?

I don’t think the 76ers would work Brons and Simmons play styles don’t mix well I think seeing him in San Antonio would also be great

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I don’t think Bron and Pop would be as great as people say. Bron expects a lot of things about the team/management to work for him. I know they respect each other… but Pop seems to be close to finishing his career, too.

Spurs would be ideal.

Pop would be the only coach Lebron’s ever had to talk back, to not go soft on him because he’s “The King.”

I’m sure if Lebron can get to Kawhi soon enough, and I’m sure they talk, LBJ can convince him to stay.

lol, warriors are like thanos and now bron, paul george, cp3 gotta team up to defend this planet. nba-avengers vs warriors.

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I think it would be great fit they just need some more shooters then

NBA: Larry O’Brian Wars

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