Where to upgrade?

My lineups here:

I have about 58k right now, who should I pick up?

Idk if I’m the best at this, but I would sell artest for 28k. Move dr J to the 3 and put amethyst Clyde Drexler at the 2. Leaves you with 70k and a lineup of
Oladipo, Clyde, dr J, pf, center…
Then I would upgrade the center position to amethyst Ralph Sampson for 18k he has 9hof badges can shoot and is 7”4 and better defender than Camby.

With that remaing 70k you could snag a Allstar Lebron to run at pf or wherever

Or… just sell artest keep dr j at the 2 and replace Artest with Bron at the 3 while he’s cheap

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Should I get the 95 one with a defensive shoe and unlimited contracts?

I tried the Ralph and Hakeem duo but I didn’t like it for some reason. Camby gets a lot done on defense for me.

@JohnnyTsunami hmm. I don’t think you need a defensive shoe on Bron. His player model and build makes him a great defender on all versions. If you get the 95 you will probably need a shooting shoe more than anything else.

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You could also try budget beast such as amethyst 95 James Worthy 11k , amethyst MJ 20k, amethyst Jalen 11k, ruby Tatum 2k.

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sell artest and get 97 bron

Artest is the one to move to the bench/sell. Get a shooter there. How’s Dipo at the point btw? Thinking about running him as my bench PG.