Where to get 2k20 cdkey on pc for sale?

looking to play less. and with cheap mt on pc figured I might get on there so I don’t have to keep up with sniping etc. and with worthy going for 6k etc seems like it makes alot of sense.

had done a goole search online but hoping someone can point me to a site that’s legit. don’t have steam and haven’t bought a game on pc in years.

Also I searched and found that you don’t have to pay for steam online. can anyone pls confirm?

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It’s on sale right now for $30 directly from Steam. Just get a legit copy for cheap.

Otherwise sites like G2A have been good to me for other games, but I always preload 2K so I’ve always purchased it through Steam.

MT is dirt cheap out here like you said. Only thing is some cards are insane, like Wilt before the prime super packs was 3 mill+.

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yea that’s the one I was looking at

yea im gonna go on and buy all the cards for the kareem spotlight. probably won’t go thru the same 17 games again tho. might do it if I can’t deal with the cheese


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Buy it on instant gaming is for like 25 dollars

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