Where the hell are new Moments cards?

This is ridiculous when’s the last time we got some cuz it feels like forever

WE haven’t gotten any in a minute

But there are some e league events! …

pink diamond paul to piss off all the people who locked in heat check recently.

are we getting moments cards today.

Ill riot lol

I hope for a PD in throwback packs. I mean now that they gave Jordan’s to NYC people (Well not everyone, am I true Ronnie?), we have to get cards to fight against that Jordan. Like a PD Lebron or something like that

But in all seriousness. That diamond chris paul id basically a pink diamond. Has way more attributes than pd lonzo lol

That chris paul is not that good.


Lol have you used it ? I mean if you like running oversized small forwards at the 1 then your not gunna like cp3. But i made pd with the AMY paul. The diamond paul is DEFINITELY better than the amy. Limitless is crazy. Speed is nuts. Defense is great. I run my whole offense through him and have been winning most of my games this round. I think its all in a matter of perspective


For this kind of shit, myteam will never be on the same level as FUT and MUT, last year was a really good year in terms of content but this year is probably the worst since FIFA 15 after the price ranges less and the delay of the tots for over a month

I like amy paul, but i feel like 2k kinda fucked ppl over on that set, considering a diamond thomas is just as good, just missing a 3 point shoe

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The Problem with fifa ultimate team is that classic players are basically not part of this mode except fo some overpriced legends. 2k myteam gives us at least almost every historic player bball fans want, not only diamond legends.

How could there not be new cards today?

All semi-finals round over. Promo tomorrow. No content Saturday or Sunday. It would be ridiculous to not get anything today. Haven’t had anything in almost a whole week since MJ dropped.

I know the legends in fifa are almost non existent but contentwise they kick 2k ass, especially this year with the World Cup mode EA might get some players back obviously if the mode is as good as it was on 14.

I feel that 2k just gave up in this year game, too many glitches and bugs (Career mode players losing their players, harden and shaq gate, just to mention a few), they are just interested in their shitty e league and made that clear since January when they didn’t release moments card for almost a month.

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I hear you. I was certain after round two was done they would release a new batch.

Try to keep people opening Jordan packs

MUT releases more content in a month than 2k releases in a year. I’m not even joking. This year in 2k MyTeam has been the worst year I’ve ever experienced in any “team builder” mode on any video game. Just absolutely terrible. There was one point this year where we didn’t get a single new card released for almost a MONTH.

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Last Monday when they released a batch it was late in the afternoon there’s still hope

I mean they literally had all week to create new content. Do they even care?

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