Where the hell are Jerry West & Steve Nash?

I’m not understanding how it’s May and there’s only an amythest version of each, and West isn’t auctionable. Been waiting for these two guys for months. Why you disrespecting these PG legends 2k?


Playoff Moments Throwbacks is an opportunity.

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Their game is shitty/broken and short players won’t sell packs. Only point guards that sell packs are Magic, Big O and Penny.

Thon Maker is ten times more effective off the dribble than limited MJ.

I ain’t tryin to hear all that nonsense. I’ll go 12-0 with either of these shorties at PG.

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I went 12-0 with AI and IT, but you’re trying to tell me average players are gonna rip for a couple average size point guards?

And Chauncey


token opals

I was actually just looking at his Amy the other day and wondering he would get a new card.

Yea you right on that. Average players who believe the “meta” is the only way to play probably won’t be interested. But Suns/Mavs and Laker fans would still rip some. These dudes are two of the truly greatest of all time at PG.

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Amy chauncey was one of the first cards of the year to drop, nuggets version. I was certain we would atleast get a diamond pistons version and none arrived. So unpredictable what to expect each season.

Well ok then 2k. I thank you


Still need Nash

Ask and you shall receive :joy:

Yea, and 2k isn’t on these forums? Hmmmmm…

But thank you seriously for both of these guys I called for back to back weeks.