Where the duos at? 2019 Edition

Who’s ready for #StayTunedGate2019?

I think we’re at the point now where we have soooo many cards released with no duos that it’s already ridiculous that we don’t have any new ones yet.

Only 2 non-current cards amethyst or above have duos. Two!!! And they aren’t good, Amy Billups and Diamond Harden.

Time to start complaining about this


Just don’t tweet 2BrosGaming about it, he’ll get triggered and block you.

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I don’t know who that is, but now I’m really tempted to tweet 2Brosgaming about this


There should be a community poll and vote for duos every week

At least it’ll be interactive with the community


PD Jordan and Diamond Pippen will get every single vote!

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Duos change the community for the good. People will enjoy running a blake cp3 duo.
Westbrook and PG13

It also forces more players to run REAL pg or natural position players. I dont know why 2k doesnt promote that, it helps the gameplay immensely.


He’s that Robbie dude, Youtuber who works for 2K and shows up on the MyTeam parts of 2KTV. He’s had people asking him about duos and a fix for the locker codes and posted a rant tweet about it the other day.

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Great point. I think this is partially why 2K made CP3 the Anniversary reward, to entice people to run the smaller PG.

The better way to fix that specific issue would be to make smaller players especially good at steals, passing, faster, etc. But they aren’t that smart.

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They’re saving them for a big pack drop once content dies out. Like last year.

That wasn’t what the community wanted, I can tell you that much

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Yeah these duos need a big comeback.

Another thing is, we know 2k cares so much about VC sales and people ripping packs. It would be so easy even use that for their advantage. For example putting 1 or 2 duos in each new pack release.

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Weren’t we all pretty sure the duo boosts don’t even work in-game? I thought somebody proved it with the free throw rating not going up.

True, but they don’t really care what the community wants.

They probably made more money creating separate packs for duos and releasing 99 MJ and Lebron than they did the year prior where duo updates were more consistent.

If they had made more money releasing them every time new cards came out like they did in 2k17, I’m sure that’s what they would still be doing.

I had pd stockton when guys were running lebron and amy giannis at point and i could clamp them up like crazy. Then they update the game and make all these SF superfast and strong so it makes it impossible now -.-.

k17 they got that duo in mid summer i guess, k18 they all got it when Optimus Jordan was released, summertime again. Keep calm and don’t wait this duo before that.

Not gonna lie, 2BrosGaming has got to be one of the worst budget squad builders/advisors in the 2kcommunity

What makes you say that? I enjoy his stuff personally

This would make me lock the set for CP3

Well because whenever Robbie shows a good budget, I can almost every time create a better budget squad. Other than that budget stuff, Robbie is pretty good and entertaining all around

I feel ya bro

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