Where should i fit in AK47

This is my Lineup, where should i fit him in, and who should i replace for him





I think they say cheebow

who should i replace him with

Giannis. Get him outta there

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I think it’s deebo from Friday

Pick 1 of Rudy or PG to keep and start AK at sf

why would i get rid of giannis

So you can play AK lol

You asked who you would take out. I’d take out giannis

Giannis is a great card, but I’d replace that card. It’s outdated.

Here’s what I would do:

  1. Start AK in place of Giannis at the 4

  2. Sell Webber, Shaq, Russ, Larry, KP

  3. Buy KD, Start KD and move PG to the bench

  4. Buy Bam and start him at C

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I would also add sell McGrady and use the pink diamond. It’s nearly as good.

I would keep the Opal (unless you have the PD locked in). He’s an endgame 2. He also scored 49 pts in my 12-0 for game for Worthy so he has a special place in my :heart:

GO T-MAC just now in MTU


i have the pd tmac i can keep or sell not sure if i should sell the pd or GO

really Bam over shaq ?


u think larry bird is still worth keeping i have him as well should i sell him ? or keep


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