Where’s the Skip to my Lou card?

Wrapped up the spotlight challenge and he never popped up, any idea how to redeem this card?


i think he’ll come later in the season like bill russell did. They said they’re adding more spotlights thorughout the season so you’ll have to complete thise

They said they will continue to add challenges throughout the season and by the end if you complete them all then Skip To My Lou is the reward.

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Probably be at the end of the season for completing all the spotlights…by then he will be absolutely useless


Ahhhh Damn ok

Thing is, if they put Rafer into packs. Most people would discard him.

I honestly would unless he has OP sigs, range and clamps then keep

Isn’t this how most people feel about every card on here.

I kind of enjoy this particular time period in myteam when all cards aren’t OP.

I check out on multiplayer when Wilt is jacking limitless threes.


I’ll def keep him (if auctionable card)for my all time heat team

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Umm Wilt is 7’1

Alston is 6’2

Jus sayin

I mean centers are taller than point guards in most cases.

I didnt make the comparison

I’m pretty sure he’ll be out after the 40 day season when he’ll be worth nothing more then a collection card

I’m not really comparing the two players. I’m more saying I like the fact that not every player I play against is op.

I get that. I would also hate a wilt who cant operate in the paint and has slow speed and suck tendencies

Agreed, I want wilt to be dominant in the paint and athleticism off the charts.

Just like how Wilt is supposed to be :joy:


I want 2k19 old man wilt

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