Where’s the love for Shawn Kemp?!

It’s crazy to me that we haven’t gotten a new Shawn Kemp card. We’ve gotten two David Robinson’s in like 2-3 months. I’m one of the people who locked in that PD, and that card wasn’t even that great at the time, let alone now. C’mon 2k, gimme a completely juiced GO Reign Man…hell, I’d settle for a better PD at this point.


We’re definitely getting a GO, eventually.

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I could fuck with a GO token Kemp


Been waiting since High Voltage for a better Moses :sleepy::expressionless::rofl:

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Dude that’s still one of my on and off starting center he’s goated amazing card and still usable now I need My centers to hit middies and and bang down low idc about the 3 ball to many long rebounds and fast breaks and centers can’t turn and burn

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