Where’s the dynamic duo drops?

We’re a month into the game and the only duo’s have been the ones from the current collection drops. Aren’t we due for an actual real DD drop? What’s the schedule usually like for that?

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Actual answer: If it’s anything like previous years, it’s going to be sporadic as fuck and might be MONTHS before we see some.


Where them heat checks tho. This year gonna be dead with relatable content. Moments will have to be historic too.


Yeah no Heat checks either. Looks like they’re just pushing promos. We haven’t seen the throwback moments, those cards are pretty much shuffled into each promo now. They’re going lock in crazy, which is cool but also ass if you want to put cards into the exchange because as far as i know you can’t use lock in cards with that…which is wack as fuck.

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If I were to be optimistic for a second, I’d say that in keeping with what they said in the blog before the year started that maybe they’ll align duo drops with new seasons, like they said they’d be doing for things like token market updates and new Doms.

Do I have faith in them actually sticking with that?

Lol, fuck no. But we’ll see.


These seasons are long as fuck. I’m not a fan of it at all.


I still haven’t bought the game myself, so I don’t really have a personal opinion. Though my brother has already flamed out from trying to grind the agendas and such, so I’d wager I’d probably be the same way if I was playing.

The only reason I even keep up with the shit is so I can have some insight into what he and you guys are talking about when you discuss it here, lol.

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Yeah will be interesting to see what exchange brings our way.

The game really burns you out. I’d much rather just have more online modes and not so many grinds. People who did the Steph curry grind are already passing on next season. It’s like doing a Kobe-ish grind over and over. They can’t expect people to want to keep doing this if they aren’t giving you XP more easily

This is literally why 2K players are dumb af. If seasons weren’t added, people will be complaining that there isn’t anything to do in myteam. When season is added, there’s too much to do.

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Yeah those agendas are rough. Maybe if you do them along side dom or something, but seeing them as the main priority? No thanks.

Why would there be heat checks right now? We had those already for this current NBA season back in 2k20.

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So I’m Dumb AF because I’m not into the seasons theme and just wanted more online modes? You go around calling everyone who doesn’t share your opinion or agree with you with you “dumb af”?

Because that’s always card count fodder that now won’t come out until the second half of the year when nobody cares. Plus it’s content that gives people both a reason to watch NBA as well as play 2k. Even if they had just done “bubble heat checks” or something, it’s relatable content to what is going on right now. Instead we get a sapphire Bron and Buckets?

They should have done moments.

They are waiting for Nba players to go out and have a dinner with their friends from other teams to release duos.

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This shit definitely burns you out lol. I was seriously avoiding this game like work just because I wanted to pull my hair out sometimes but with 13 days I have to grind and do math :man_shrugging: We’re getting duos in 1 of 2 ways I think. Next season players or token pack market opening season. I enjoy the duos. PG and Kawhi destroy everything in there path when paired up same with Chris Paul and Adams.

Heat Checks won’t come until the actual NBA season is about to start with the rosters completed. Heat Checks serve no purpose at all if the players aren’t actually playing. Then again…Heat Checks will be dated af anyway so we may not get them at all. They just don’t make sense to be in the game this year.

Now duos…it took how long for 2K to finally add ANY duos in 2K19? The game was out forever before anyone could even complete the agenda for using a dou because 2K didn’t put them in from day one. Lol

Yeah, I think 2K21 is going to follow the 2020-2021 season, so we’ll get current series 2, heat checks and moments cards for that season.

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Yep 2021 season cards.

I wonder if those cars will have the base roster ratings like the current series 2 cards in 2k20?

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