Where is my boi PD Vince

He usually comes around this month… where is he :persevere:

Pd Vince is the new PD kobe.


I want PD Vince tho,I don’t use him last year

Going to be a Sig series


they both are also BBQ Chicken :smirk:

Of ba grill

Stay tuned


hazilim be pita

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Ze tevoni. Vegan is life.

u got sabich in Canada?

Content been trash

Yes sir. It’s one of my favorites. My mom makes it too.

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Open a sabich business in Canada and you will swim in money (seriously)

Did someone say pd Vince is coming?

He literally is the new PD Kobe

We don’t have a diamond Vince yet, we’ll get that first. 2K won’t resist the urge to squeeze as much VC out of that particular player. No pun intended.

We will get a diamond Vince with amy Vince attributes just like tmac is the same card as his Amy last year