Where is Kendrick Lamar?

It’s almost been 4 years since he dropped an album. In today’s music world, disappearing for 4 months can ruin your career. He’s given a special luxury because whenever he does drop an album it’s always worth the wait…but almost 4 years? That’s a long time to be working on a project. Where is Kung Fu Kenny? Have people moved on? Will people care? Is he still considered the best rapper alive? Can he even be considered the best rapper alive after a 3 and a half year hiatus?


I’ll listen to whatever he drops for sure.


That’s pretty crazy to think about. Not a lot of artist have that power. Being gone this long, the music game changes so fast your sound can become dated. For him to able to hold his audience captive like that is really special.

It’s ok, we still have overrated J Cole


I’m def not prime demographic since I don’t really listen to hours and hours of music anymore, but there’s just so few artists that transcend that no matter how long they stay away, I’ll always be a fan and listen. The only way pple like that lose me is if they move away from who they are and just try to drop something bc they think they have to. If their work is still as authentic as it was before, no matter if it sounds dated or not, I’ll always give them my time.

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I used to love J. coles music, but it has become increasingly boring. I feel like Kendrick used to be his motivation to drop more compelling music…and without Kendrick he’s just uninspired. In his realm there’s no real competition so he just dials it In now. He needs Kendrick active to be at his best.

I always believed in the bigger picture
If I could get them n*****s to listen outside my core
Then I can open the door
Reintroduce them to honesty, show 'em that they need more
The difference between the pretenders and the Kendrick Lamars

yea for sure. Cole has always looked up to him


Oh people will definitely care, people on Twitter are dying for Kdot to drop something. Kdot is so big of an artist that it would be hard for him to lose relevance.

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Yea I find him boring af

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I’ve been patiently waiting, Griselda has kept me going since kendrick and for the most part the core of TDE has slowed down. I think he knows that the bar for him has been set so high, he can’t just drop an album…it has to be a masterpiece. Anything less than a near classic album for him is a failure. That’s a lot of pressure to carry as an artist.

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I could never get into Lamar bc his voice sounds like his hemorrhoids moved into this larynx


Thanks for the visuals bro lol :joy:


youre welcome sir


This is why Drake is the goat

Kendrick is an all-time great no matter what but Lil Uzi Vert is on that ass I’m sorry. So was Juice WRLD. These young bulls aren’t playing

Lupe recently called him out, but he’s not relevant enough anymore to get kendrick to actually respond

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Ok @EbanksD17

He died and the person you see now is an actor. BUT, this actor cannot rap.

Bruh…this has to be some cruel unfunny joke.