Where do you see Opal Dino and Cam price settle at?

Got them both for a bit under the market value - Dino for 60k and Cam for 68k I think. Should I sell them right now for market value (somewhere around 77k for both) for some minimal profit and buy back later when they’ve dropped in price a little, maybe even have a shoe or contract on em when some next big cards come out or just keep them?
I am somewhat of a budget baller so really don’t wanna take a 20-30k hit with both of them although they’re superb cards.

Meanwhile on PC




PC prices are just crazy :flushed::flushed::flushed:

So you can get maybe 2 of the best cards in the game for pennies. Crazy.

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Years about over. Enjoy the cards. I wouldn’t sell

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What @Emotionalanimal said…enjoy them. Dino is a MONSTER! Reddish is great as well. Years almost done. Get the most out of them before 2k21 hits.

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Thanks for the reminder

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Is PC always a lot lower than PS / Xbox?

24k for Dino on PC! That’s nuts, I wouldn’t pay more than 8.5k. Too expensive. PC prices are just stupid. I got Opal Jimmy for 3.5k, Opal Cousins for 4K, Opal Melo 8k. But hey, if you want a Diamond Contract get ready to spend 50k!


Why are the prices on PC so messed up?

Cheatengine.exe. You can basically sub in a silver for an Opal.

not always. cheap cards are usually cheaper, but expensive cards can be a lot more expensive. last year, for example, I paid 9 mln for PD Ben Wallace :rofl:

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tell me more please

are you in charge of 2KDB? could you make a compare button like on 2KMTC?

so I could immediately compare Reddish to Bonga

on 2KDB if I click Compare

I have to type in Reddish once again. that’s one extra step


That is absolutely crazy :smiley: I knew it was different, but that blows my mind. I would feel like a god with my PS4 MT on PC :sweat_smile:

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It’s also stupid easy. Just fire up the game, load into MyTeam and then run cheatengine.exe. You just get the player ID from 2kdb or 2kmtcentral. Just copy and replace and done. You need to do before each game. Kinda annoying but you can try ANY card you want. I will say the releases seem very different from PC to PS4. Wiseman for me on PC was impossible, on PS4 age was a green machine. It is fun to try the cards you might never get to try on PS4 though. There’s lots of YouTube videos on how to do it.


Click on the menu and then compare

i sniped reddish yesterday for 28k
I bought dino for 85k yesterday when he was 95k but even tho he’s cheaper now it’s not an L cos i got the cam snipe

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i don’t think u can do this anymore

I did it on Thursday. Has it changed since. I haven’t been home since Thursday evening.