Where are they?

I’ve been trying to collect cards and i’m 65 cards from Webber. I’m not sure why no matter how Ive been searching, certain jerseys are no where to be found.

These are the only jerseys i dont have i cant find any time i try

76ers statement
bucks statement
Hornets classics away 89-96
Raptors Classics Alt '08-15
Kings Classics away 48-57
Lakers Classics away 66-72
Spurs classics home 81-89
Spurs classics home 73-77
Spurs classics away 81-89
suns classics alt 15-17
95-96 supersonics classic alt 04 - 08
95-96 supersonics classic away 67-70

Anyone got these Uniforms?

Ronnie tweeted that they will drop them in the Promo.

It looks like they’re not in the game mate, everybodys missing them.

I have wasted so much time looking for these jerseys for my collection

I have sold some of your list Yesterday

Not really but pretty sure for the statement ones

Because when i start to sold out only missed 10 jerseys

Bucks statement exists, its just quite rare lately

The others don’t appear to be in the game, or they only released 1 of each of them…