When will my team content stop releasing?

I feel like there’s a lot more cards that need to come out before 2k stops dropping content so I was wondering when that timeframe closes for content to stop coming out. GO bird KD kobe bron and more series 3 cards need to come out.

Around the announcement for MVP etc

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Itll def be after the raps win in 7…:upside_down_face::upside_down_face::upside_down_face:


August 1st was the last day of content in 2k18. The release of Duo packs and the perfect LeBron and Jordan.



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The raptors need to really take advantage while KD and Boogie are gone. They have the pieces and talent to do so. If they can get up 3-0 before KD comes back, there’s almost no way they won’t win that fourth one.


I agree but in the opposite way

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Opposite how?

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They are a better matchup for us if they have Boogie and try to play inside with him. I’m iffy on KD coming off that injury because if they run isolation with him raps have a better chance but knowing Kerr he will run the offense around Curry with will give them no chance.


Wonder if we’ll get a finals MVP kawhi 99 everything lol


I’ll sell everything and run him with bronzes

I’m about to just do that with Giannis from now on my 5-6 opals in a full lineup together has been making me rage

That’s what the raptors are doing now

2 more full months of content.

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If kawhi wins mvp then yah he will probs gets 99 everything i wish the go had limitless.

Lol yah lowry just burnt the bucks with 19 pts per and 48.8 % from 3

If he is a bronze then bledsoe and the rest of the bucks are aluminium cans lol

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2K will stop when they feel like stopping.

The bigger question is when you will burn through the Scrooge McDuckesque MT wealth you got ??

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Probably never unless they drop an all 99 lebron and I can get it. It’s probably going too be much though :confused:

U should sell it man. Ur sitting on a lot of money man. 8 mill is like 1000 dollars man

Thats a lot of lawn chairs :wink: