When will 2k release token update

Why 2k dont release token update?


Exactly,2k is lazy to make token update or token market update.

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In 2k21 :slight_smile:

Within this next week

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can’t wait to run token reward GO Jeff Hornacek with 79 strength without intimidator


I can’t imagine that it doesn’t come within the next week, but I also thought that it was going to come today so what do I know

With the Flashes and LBJ expiring at the same time I feel like something big is coming next week, possibly the final market crash.

If it ever happens, it’ll happen then.

They still have a few GOAT cards to milk though, so maybe not :upside_down_face:

I feel like they gave us two really great auctionable Bron cards just so they could make his GOAT card some type of reward card.

Can’t wait to be disappointed by a Opal Rajon Rondo card.

I know this sounds tired, but probably this Tuesday or Wednesday. They’re giving out 3 tokens per challenge win through the weekend, so I really do think that signals the final update is on the way this week.

You know we are getting guys like Stockton and Moses Malone that are undersized and will be way underpowered

This has been fucked beyond belief


We’re like abused puppies now. We’ll take any show of kindness and consider it magnanimous.