When to sell Tmac and AD?

Should i wait to sell Tmac and AD next week when they get removed from boards? Im looking for max profit for both of them. Thanks

U should have been sold Tmac 2 months ago. May as well keep him now.

Oh u got him off boards. Idk, u could wait, won’t hurt any I guess. I don’t think his value gonna change much between now and when he is off of boards. It may go back up a bit but not much I don’t think

He goes back up if people start locking him.

I would sell tmac soon, he is most likely to come out with an Opal next week or at worst the following with the set. A D might be wor th holding on to everybody that wants to lock in the sets

If I had Tmacs Pink Diamond, I would just keep it unless u want a GO Tmac. I just feel if u have the Pink Diamond Tmac u do not need the Opal. Because especially if u duo him with Penny and put a shoe on him and with a Coach he is damn near an Opal Anyways.