When to Sell PD Lebron?

Will he shoot back up in price or will he continue to plummet if anything? Im waiting for best time to sell in the intention I get Melo and/or maybe KD, Bird. Also Will the next anniversery drop affect his proce at all.?


I am waiting for someone to post this question as I am interested on the answer :innocent:

More people like KD better than Bron. Therefore LeBron’s price would dip when KD hype starts.

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I know maybe tomorrow is better?
As long as before the KD hype




Im not selling him till a new Bron comes out. Kd will start at the 3 and Bron ar the 1.

same here im battling historic dom now and this lebron card is one of my best cards i cant sell him

Can’t sell him either. Running LeBron at 1 and PD KD at 3. It’s so much fun

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same here majic and bron at the one got granger and pippen at the 3 but i think im going on in and locking this set so kd bird and opal blake will be nice

Is lebron better than magic at 1?

i would say yes his shooting for me is awesome he can hit 3 after 3 but take it in hard if needed .

with that said im a novice not no top player i dont run alot of plays just a few if i have too if u do alot of plays and stuff magic may be better not sure

Be patient people the price cant get worse. If need be wait til the last anniversary player is out and sell right on that sunday people will have cash from pulling duplicats and completing for blake

He’s not as quick as Magic but his offense makes up for it. I score a lot more with LeBron at the 1 than I ever did with magic. I still run magic on bench though

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ya this set got me bad i remmeber last set they gave away free packs and my cards lost half the value ,right now i have shaq,davis,bron, i had kobe but sold him back fast i didnt like the card and paid alot for it , so probally just going to wait and try to grab him next crash

That’s the reason I’m not investing into these anniv players yet.
will pick up some on the last drop of anniv.

Last drop is risky dude i expect them to be at their highest then due set completion only thing that could bring them down is super packs and thats not a sure thing, even with super packs magic didnt go lower than 200 giannis didnt go much lower than 300 prices wont fall worse than that

Yeah I will pick up bird and kd when they drop. the rest depends on the last drop.
I won’t lock for blake. Gonna pick up davis if david robinson wont drop at that time or dirk/pd zingis