When to sell hero mj and Zion?

Should I sell before Friday’s drop?
Seeing them both go for around 1 mil right now, and want to get as much as I can for them!
Or should I wait and sell next week after lock in coaches are available?

Mate, I already answered you in market topic.

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So you think after coaches are announced?

I don’t think that the cards will instantly rise when the coaches came out. When the Idols 1 lock-in came, all the cards went down in price. Grant Hill tanked. After the cards were locked in, those Idols cards became rare and rose in price. Grant Hill went from 120k to 200k. It’s really a gamble.

Dude I would sell. When guys figure out those coaches don’t make a difference I think those cards won’t be a million anymore. IMO.

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