When to Buy AI

Trying to get this card for as cheap as possible when should I move on him and at what price ?

When Tmac is released :grimacing:

When the supply is higher then demand which might b now


He’ll be cheapest today and tomorrow.


He’s still crazy expensive. And I think diamond Baron is better.

It sucks that i need it for the galaxy opal cp3 collection.

Yeah… Very expensive set to lock in. Just paid 225k…

Fortunately it’s covered by the 2 Iggy’s I sold.

For AI? Did he go up again?

Yeah… People coming home from work.

Damn. I got him for 124 when there were 15 finishing within two minute timeframe

Bought two for each 150k and each with diamond contract

I way overpaid but I don’t care, I haven’t been going for rewards cards so I’ve been starved for a bomb ass card.

Idk if I want to spend 230k plus for this guy might just save my MT for someone more exciting

207k and cannot win a bid. Maybe late tonight. Anyone wanna loan your boy 20k so I can buy this guy? Lol