When this happens

So cringy, PD Kobe WITHOUT HoF Limitless, dude was more then well known to hit these kind of shots and then we get Pop fucking Pettit with the badge, im just sleep. 2k at it finest. If its not example of stupidity i dont know what is.


Kobe does not need hof limitless to be attractive, Petit does


A man that played when there were no three pointers suddenly became the best shooter in 2K


I would think it’s the other way around. Petit is a base 11 god, while Kobe’s shot is ass compared to the top players. Obviously by name Kobe is more popular, but in this game all that matters is your animations

Just wait til opal Kobe comes out, he will have it by then.

You think the anni is the last Kobe we’re getting? Lol 2k aren’t any where near done cashing in on that name!

Lol when Opal Kobe comes out game gonna be dead. Thats besides the point, even PD deserves it and freaking Pettit dont, but alas capitalism 101.

From what I understand ppl say there will be no auctionable opals I only see about 2 more premium promo set and it’s a possibility Kobe won’t be either set reward so yea this may be the last kobe

Giannis with 99 everything except 95 across the 3 is a bigger joke , don’t ignore that !!! So that’s why I don’t chase Giannis

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If there’s anything ever I agree with in life it’s fuck capitalism!

This is the only and sole reason. I totally agree.

I’ll have him later today he’s gonna be godly


Welcome to the dashboard quit gang lol

Lol you got him?

I got him last Saturday


My lineup soon :smiling_imp: so much cheese on the starters


Dang, that’s lactose overdose

Now everyone thinks I’m a YouTuber :joy:

I got him

Giannis ?