When should one go for tmac?

In my last 8-10 games of mtu ice been going against players who are rocking him which makes me question if i should sell my lineup to go for him is that the right move to go for or no?

If you sell your whole line up who are you putting around him?

There are cheaper options like Kobe, Vince, DeRozan, Granger, Butler etc

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Not rlly full lineup but u got a point
maybe i could put in budget versions of lost player (eg exum for lowry, morris sr for josh smith) ?

No card does the work for you. If you’re not greening with diamond Kobe or similar cards from 3 regularly, Tmac isn’t going to change anything.

Tmac dominates because he has HOF limitless and is 6’8”. So if you were already killing people with BTBs for 3s with gold limitless, Tmac adds even more spacing for getting open 3 looks.

But no card will win games for you.


I was actually greening 3s with kobe just dont want him to be the guy to be my shooter and not a shot creator

Kobe has one of the better/faster meta jumpers this year, so he’s actually one of the best pure shooters for myteam.

Tmac and ray allen do as well (Tmac uses trey Burke base).

So I wouldn’t worry too much about roles like shot creator vs shooter. Unless you notice an issue with your lineup synergy or gameplan.

They will re-release Tmac in packs or via locker code. That will be the best time to get him. He’s going to be really expensive until then because he’s one of the best cards in the game and one of the keys to locking for Ray.

Tmacs the goat every year. Big size for a SG and can do pretty much everything you need from a guard. Only comparison would be a future Paul George