When should I sell Opal Simmons?

When should I sell Opal Simmons?

I’m probably gonna sell Simmons off because he doesn’t seem that over powered to me, I’m planning on locking in the prime 3 (unless the cards are bad), when do you advise me to sell Simmons after I evo him?

Today on xb1 I’ve seen him go for 430k and 580k so his price is super volatile right now. I think most people are waiting for Friday’s content before they decide to lock so probably Saturday morning would be the best time to have the auction end i would assume

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Idk it don’t really seem like a big difference between non-evo one. The ones that go for the most got diamond contract and 3pt shoe

There’s always a chance that Friday’s content causes an ASW level crash so nothing is technically safe. I picked up Kareem for 423 K today though since I wasn’t getting KG so oh well


Hope you like Kareem. He’s an absolute fiend

Thanks man. I’m a Bucks fan so he was always in my plans, but I was planning for the last Prime player/reward to be something crazy.

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You are talking about Prime 3 like it has been announced, have I missed something? How do you know if they are even going to do prime 3?

Even so, that is at least 10 weeks away…2 and a half months…mid JUNE.

If you are selling Simmons in order to plan that far ahead just sell him right now, because by then most Opals will be BIN

You talking to me? I meant Prime II. Imo Oscar and KG weren’t enough to lock up the rest. I have other cards to go after with my Mt, like Magic, Kareem and the next wave of opal PF/C’s that will follow KG

The response I gave was to Stoutbakers question, as this is what this thread is about

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Nevermind then

Are we expecting something tomorrow? Or Friday? I’m looking to sell stuff myself and it’ll depend on that.

Probably a locker code tomorrow and a promo or flash pack on Friday

I am planning to sell all of my prime cards tomorrow. I locked for KAT and all of the high level cards in that set are usable.

Prime 3 was announced during the initial MyTeam blog preview at beginning of the year. It said there will be 15 prime cards divided into three series


They probably also said there would be spotlights all year, moments of the week all year, but they replaced them with buzzer beater packs and the like which I think were on the fly. They also said there will be BETTER SERVERS. I don’t trust anything these vultures say week to week, never mind in a promo piece before the game came out.

Unless they are going to kill the game in the next few weeks, I think they will have a series 3. But no point in arguing. You were the one that questioned it and I answered. Simple as that. Enjoy your day.

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It’s taken about seven months for them to get the first two Prime series done. If there is a third then it’ll probably be finish in July

Exactly, which is typically the end of the game’s lifespan. The reward will likely be something ridiculous like everyone expected the Prime II reward to be – something like PG Shaq, maybe? If there isn’t a 3pt Shaq yet by then.

they said they were doing 3 prime series at the beginning of the year, and they are going to rush content so

wtf how is simmons not OP? cmon stop capping