When (if) will Diamond Bird be BIN?

Obviously when the PD drops this one will plummet but in the short term do we think he’ll hit BIN?

his value was even above the PD’s so i think he might be the rarest card pull wise

dont see too many people trying to grind the full set for kidd, so i could see him hit BIN towards end of the pack duration

his auctions are already ending at 125-135k on PS4, so maybe 3-4 days

I think he might drop to BIN if we ever get that huge batch of moments cards. Of course that’ll depend on what kind of cards we get.

I’m not sure he will drop to bin. And if he does, that will be for 100k not less

Is he really that good, I need a replacement for elgin because he is not that good, is he any better?

try havlicek

How much does he go for?

He’s not good it’s just the name. His pd will be beastly tho he’ll be able to speed boost and dunk

not sure. i assumed he was close to elgins price
do u have pippen

Honestly I tried him out since I loved the ruby but just couldn’t get it Rollin… I’d wait till the PD is out

I tried him out to have an idea of what the PD will be

Diamond is okay, but PD will be OP as fuck. Just give him like 85 speed, good defense, good post stats and he will be godly

I expect that 2k will drop his signature card on St.Patrick day, so we will get his Anni PD sooner than later- ergo - this Diamond is a trap.

Or maybe a Bill Russell card on St Patrick

Who knows…my vote goes for Larry, and overall is not a good time to buy anything now, imo.

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