When I see the other guy has TMAC

BBQ Chicken. Jordan is :crown:.


This made me Hungry :sweat_smile:


Why? Doesn’t he have clamps?

If my opponent is focusing on a 2pt heavy offense in the halfcourt I’m winning the game

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Depends. Defense is key, more stops = easier buckets. I shoot around 8-12 threes max and go 12-0 consistently.

I mean it sounds like you’re insinuating you’re going to take T Mac inside for the majority of your possessions (because he’s lockdown outside) and imo that’s only gonna work against decent and < players. I trust my offense enough to let my opponent try and iso T Mac with Jordan for his go to. I’ll take that all day. And if it really becomes a problem I’m sure any sane person would switch the matchup/defense yeah? T Mac gets a lot of good block animations too though. He even does well against guys like Giannis and KD down there sometimes. It’s not a guaranteed bucket. I’d put him at Kawhai level down there. Maybe even slightly better. Jordan can be abused in the post too tbh

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I am yet to come across a dude who stopped my Jordan with TMAC. Been playing sweatys all night and they couldn’t contain him. But of course going into a zone or switching Kawhi on him will make it harder. I’ve just been abusing TMAC lately.

On the flip side I have yet to really be torched by a Jordan so idk. At least not in MTU. Maybe in Triple threat once or twice. But not like Giannis, Tracey, KD, Bron etc can in MTU

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You’ve been playing some average dudes.

I had PD T-Mac and he could be bullied in the paint. Magic still owns the Opal

Finally somebody realizes GO Tmac defense not good

Tbf A LOT of guys can be bullied in the paint with the right player. Bron bullies guys like Kawhai, Jordan, even Scottie all day.

But like I said if someone wants to attack Tracey in the post all game I’m all for letting them do it until their heart is content while throwing the occasional random help defender to crowd the space. I trust my offense to outscore that. And one can always switch the matchup if absolutely necessary

Yeah, I’m more talking about in TTO because that’s what I play most. T-Mac is definitely a beast and I miss having him, but I don’t want that Mt sitting on my bench when I have Roy.

Not really lmao. Post Move Lockdown and Strength rating is key. 9 times outta 10 Kawhi will absolutely clamp Lebron down low. Whereas TMAC doesn’t have the badge at all and has a 63 strength. Of course if you get low enough with Lebron and happen to make a 60% contested layup it can happen. Or even a OP Post Hook which makes no sense at all in this game. But that doesn’t neccessarily make it ‘bullying’.

I had the Kawhai guarding Bron down low discussion with another poster previously. Kawhai cant stop Brons hook. He’s too small. Maybe forces 1 out of every 5 to miss. I’ve experienced that matchup more times than I can count

No one can stop anyones Hooks if they are the same height or within the same height. This game is dumb af like that. But Lebron sure as hell ain’t moving Kawhi down low.

Exactly my point lol damn near every card can be bullied in this game. Just have to get more production offensively than they take away defensively and hope for a good block animation which luckily T Mac actually has occasionally with that 82 block.

Maybe I’ve imagined it about 20 times idk

I wouldn’t go as far to say a post hook is “bullying”. My D-Rob makes post hooks over Yao Ming. It takes no skill. When I say Jordan vs TMAC in the post, I mean actually doing post moves and being unpredictable.

Either way I’m glad you’ve found some success with that matchup man :muscle: and hope you get that Worthy quickly

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Jordan’s easier to guard than Tmac

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