When does this expire?

I have no idea what this expiration date label is saying, and I don’t want to drink expired medicine. I could only pick out 11/2021. I’m not sure if that means November 2021 or the 11th of some month hidden in the text above it in 2021. Someone help me.

this has nothing really to do with the expiration, and i apologize for that… but the fact that there’s K08E (kobe) in the text is pretty damn cool

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Wow, didn’t notice that

yeah, i wouldn’t take the risk

Best assumption is November 2021

It’s Equate

It’s expired based on my wild guess.

It’s a pretty standard expiration date and it obviously means November 2021.

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Of course it’s November 2021. Ketchup isn’t smth like fish that expires quickly, matter of fact it’s not even an expiration date. It’s best before. Nothing happens to you if you eat it in December. Some food just may lose its colour a bit but nothing gets stale in there. If the ketchup was half a year or more over the date, then I maybe wouldn’t use it any more.

The other numbers are specific to the product. The 11/21 is the expiration date.

November 2021. Besides it’s not an expiration date. Medicine doesn’t really expire that easily. It’s likely a best before date.

11/2021 is the date for quality purposes. As long as you shake it well it should be fine for months after the date. If you refrigerate your ketchup and use it regularly I would be comfortable using it into the new year but it’s also like $3.49 for a new bottle. You’ve made it through the pandemic and if you are vaccinated then you are even more protected. Wear a mask (double mask if you want to be extra safe) and you’ll be on your way.

It’s obviously November of 2021. However, to save ink, usually the companies don’t put the day it expires if it’s the same number of the month that it expires. This may seem petty, but with the prices of ink cartridges these days, it saves companies millions of dollars each year.

If you notice the two dots underneath, that’s letting you know that the more specific time that it expires is. You can read it as 6:03:40. We also know they mean PM because the 2E. The two is the date phase (aka, 1 is AM, 2 is PM) and the E stands for evening. The F2 is the ferromanganese content of the container the product is in. Usually this is a rating between 1-5 and just helps describes how long the object will take to degrade when it’s thrown into a landfill.

From all of this, we can deduce that this product you have will expire on November 11th, 2021 at 6:03:40 PM. If you decide to throw it away, you shouldn’t feel too guilty as it will only take a moderate amount of time to degrade.

I hope this helps!

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@H4rd3n @AWWelker it’s not ketchup, it’s medicine :sob:

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Lol okay. Well still, if there are just two numbers - one that either looks like date or month and the other that is definitely year, the date/month number is always month.