When does Limited event stsrt?

Anyone remember when does it start?

same time as the when the packs drop

2 hours and 2 minutes

Thank you guys, hope yall have fun :relaxed:

Won 11 games last weekend and never got a ring. Is the move to play anyway and hope they throw in a make-good for the extra ring or just punt and stick to Unlimited?

I dont care about PD Sampson but atleast I can play 5v5 without worrying about my record or bums using full FA teams.


I personally like limited, different kind of pace+ curious to see this week’s limitations :thinking:


Yea atp I missed the first ring so this is just sumn to stream and have some fun on

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Me either Kobe, just hoping he locks in for a better card later on.

Just not looking forward to the weekend it takes 30 wins to get a ring.

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Limited > Unlimited imo

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The other rewards really aren’t terrible though

I wonder why… :money_mouth_face:

Whats the event requirements?

All players must be 70 3pt or lower

lmao, good luck to everyone playing you will a 100% lose your sanity

Gus Williams event

What difficulty is limited on?

G league.


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Time for Lanier to go to work

Damn you got Lanier?


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