When do you consider a player in his prime?

I’ve read multiple forums of what others considered when a player entered their prime.

Things I’ve come across:

  • When they’re at their absolute best
  • Once they reach the age of 30
  • Multiple seasons of dominating
  • When they’re in their 20s

It made me think because a player like D Rose who had 1 good elite scoring season which was 2011. He never really dominated after that due to injuries. Would you consider him having a prime? Same goes for players like Brandon Roy & Penny Hardaway.

What’s your definition of a player entering his prime?

I think it’s when a player reaches their potential. It’s not necessarily there best, but when expectations are met, and the room to improve starts to deteriorate. Typically in the NBA that starts around 27. Conversely in running backs, it starts around 24.

I think with Derrick Rose’s case, he could have easily become a more dominant player. As crazy as it may sound, Dwyane Wade could have possibly improved or at least stayed dominant longer. That crash mentality from both players made it difficult on their bodies and injuries cut them short. So their prime is relative to their respective peaking points where as players like Kobe, MJ and Lebron had long term defined careers that allow us to see where they ascended and descended

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D rose didnt come to his full potential,prime for me is a player reching his best potential

Penny Hardaway :sob::sob::sob:

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Grant Hill

That’s exactly what I thought.

I’d say at age 28 players are “in their prime” (barring injury or set backs).

LeBron in Miami was definitely in his prime, Durant most recently was in his prime last year (even though the 2013-14 season he won MVP), and Curry was definitely in his prime 2 years ago.

Jordan was in his prime when he won his first ring at 28, and so on.

It also depends on the position. Players who rely on their athleticism are going to display their best basketball when they are on the right side of 30. Post players and some big men play their best after 30 (see Hakeem and even Shaq to an extent).

I feel sorry for curry,durant shouldnt have join him,hes prime was cut short and he will never be finals mvp as long as he is with durant

Lol i dont think curry is worried about that as long as they’re winning chips.

Yea thats the upside

So what would you think of Dwight Howard? He basically relied on his athleticism during his Orlando days. I don’t think he reached his full potential. He never really developed a post game.

Too bad he was lazy,Hakeem even tried to teach him during the offseason but he never really learned it

Dwight’s a bum.

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Prime is the peak of athletic and skill upside. It’s a very subjective term though as some players never reach full potential, some burn out quickly, some can be said to peak for 5-7 years, and some peak right out of college.

Dwight’s trash he’s been stealing money since he left the magic. He sucks because he has no heart or even passion for the game. He’s a clown also.

I wouldn’t say he’s trash. Him never developing a post game or a jumper made less valuable. Especially with how the league is today. Shooting bigs are the thing now.

I always saw players entering their prime around the age of 26, similar to what other people had said. This is usually when they are at their best athletically, and have played enough years in the league to have a good grasp on the game.

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