When do we get Legend Badges?

Dearest MTers,

The power creep is real. I feel like now we view players that don’t have 10+ HoF badges as “trash”, or “major Ls”. Basically all players released now have either gold or HoF badges. No bronze or silver badges anymore except in rare occasions, because again, they’re not “sexy”. HoF badges aren’t really special anymore because they’re given out like candy to new cards and it’s not even the All-Star break.

If this power creep and disdain for non-HoF badges keeps up into 2K21 along with how easily 2K is handing them out, how much do you want to bet they’ll have a new “Legend” badge that they only give to the best of the best, much like how the HoF badge used to be when it came out. I figure they’ll have to add something like that to combat the insane power creep and keep people buying packs. Not that I want that, but I have a feeling it’s coming next year.



Rudy Gobert

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I don’t doubt it. They started this galaxy opal tier that used to be pink diamond so it’s probably gonna happen.

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I can see it now in May

Card is trash

He only has 32 HOF badges


They’ll just downgrade HOF badges like they did PDs

or get rid of bronze and silver, just have Gold, HOF, Legendary

Insert 60 HOF badges and 15 gold badges

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Exactly. Or Lebron with relentless finisher, but all of his cards should have it. It’s been a signature play of his his whole career.

Would make packing one of those players actually meaningful. No one uses those base cards 3 weeks into the game. In FIFA base Messi and Mbappe are still viable by the year’s end.



The have that in MUT this year, basically - Xfactors with added/special abilities, you can add 3 on offense 3 on D. It sounds interesting in theory, but in reality it kind of breaks the game. It’d make 2K play like NBA Jam.

Incidentally, if anybody wants their own legend badge, all they have to do is head on over to Mutgamer.com :rofl:


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Ideally they would tone down the other tiers to make room for legendary badges. I just would like more uniqueness to the cards and to make the greatest players feels truly special in their particular skill.