When do new packs drop?

Do they start this week? Or…

This game has to be fixed first before they drop packs. ah still messed up, dom rewards all fucked, triple threat isn’t even up. I bet they drop shit this week anyway though



They start dropping this early?

Not this week

Game in unfinished yet people want to give them more money. We really don’t deserve better


I hope not before they fixed the game.

Nah man, I’m actually planning for market crashes and sniping. Bc the game is unplayable. I wanna get these cards before the game is fixed and prices spike.
I spent money when it dropped. Won’t get anymore until it’s fixed.
Does that make you feel better?


Imo it will be the next spotlight series or whatever, when Wade’s expires.
And before the season starts, heat check packs become avaliable maybe. I dont expect many big things this early.

I’m waiting on the heat checks. Gotta buy when they drop, they’re dishing out tokens

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2k devs when they drop packs and ignore issue with the game


What would be the first pack? A Theme, right? Or a new Spotlight?

I would think that first new packs we get are a Theme that overlap old and new Spotlights?

Maybe new Theme pushes down value of Spotlight Wade AM’s, before they go up with expiration.

Ding ding ding. Need the market to tank on some cards.

It just feels won’t seeing this topic and @element didn’t start it


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Man I don’t even know how Evo cards work!

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