When do cards drop?

so im coming to my team after 3 years. i remember in 2020 every monday/tuesday there were moments for players that do well in real life(nba). I ve realized that isn’t a thing anymore its just like random themes like seasons or the latest ice packs?

is there still moments or not at all. Also, is there a day like every week where everyone knows cards will drop or is only way to follow myteam twitter when they say cards dropping next day?

Card drops used to be on tuesday and friday. Idk about the tuesday one any more but friday is certain.

you made a mistake coming back. Save your self the trouble, but if you really want to play. there is a whole xp road to level 40 for prizes, limited mode on the weekends for an pink diamond option pack, and trophy case that locks in for PDs, where those PDs lock in for opals, and the opals lock into Dark Matters. Clutch time is a 5 vs 5 mode that is in th 4th quarter with a 14 seconf shot clock and 4pt line. The game has a lot more mode, but the game play might take some time to get used to. Good luck. :+1: