When did you start lifting?

Some people start when they’re 8 years old, some people start in college, some people never lift at all. But when did you start?

I started when I was going into 7th grade. We had 2 weight rooms by our school and we could lift 3 times a week for free if you made the basketball team, which I did.

But, I didn’t take it seriously and I wasn’t really interested in lifting at the time, so I didn’t get much out of it. Looking back on it, we did really good workouts that I could’ve benefited from if I tried a little harder

I started lifting in my basement (I have some equipment and weights) at the beginning of this past summer and I’ve gotten more interested in it and I’ve been taking it seriously, so I’ve benefited from it a lot.

I find it fun and relaxing to go in the basement, lift, and turn on the TV and watch the NBA playoffs.

Funny thing is I was lifting all 7 days of the week and I learned that that’s not how to do it the hard way😂. My arm started to hurt and I realized I should only lift every other day.

On days when I don’t lift, I can run on the treadmill or use the peloton.

So when did you guys start, do you still lift, and how often?

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Bet I still could take you 1 v 1


I’m sure you can!

It’s a process to build mustle

But I’ve noticed tremendous progress in my lifting over the past few months and the work has paid off!

Haven’t touched a gym since PE back in High School. I honestly don’t know how I’m not pushing 300 lbs Lol

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I climbed trees, pails of water, carried sacks of rice, bags of cement, and cinder blocks before I knew what I was doing.

It got casually serious when I was 13. 50 pullups in the morning or after school. 400 situps in the evening. Every day

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This is my work out plan

Why does it sound like you were raised in Vietnam


Lol. Philippines, not far away and my parents owned a construction company and hardware store

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That’s great, but crazy

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@adobo is secretly Manny Paquiao


Thats funny, I was joking

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Yea. My abs are permanent now and my chest is chiseled. I rarely have to do anything now but stay in shape

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Wow. I guess it worked!

Yea if we look it that way. I really had no idea, so much energy in youth man. Spend it wisely

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If you’re a ball player and have hopes of being an NBA player. Getting a daily exercise/gym regiment is important. That’s how you become Kobe/Lebron. I’d say only do light lifting under the age of 17. Keep the weight lifting moderate. You don’t want to lift to put on bulk as if you were a football player. You want to lift to strengthen certain areas even more to prevent Injury. Do light lifting, lots of cardio, dribble drills, shooting drills, defensive posture/movement and study film of great players.

Best of luck


I lifted when I was 13 got around some people and quit and got in trouble

Recently started again along with hiit workouts and cardio I’m almost at a 50lbs weight loss!

Stuff is hard to find for at home though


Congrats that’s a huge accomplishment. Weight sneaks up on you like a burglar.



My oldest has been working out at school every other day since freshman year for football/ basketball , my youngest does cardio and a lot of odd balance workouts, also e do some other stuff for reaction

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I get what you mean but you become Kobe/Lebron by being tall as fuck as well Lol. Nevertheless, putting in that work early helps


l disagree… that’s heart/ drive/ mentality

Zeke wasn’t tall, ai, cp3 etc

Look at mugsy