When can we expect moments?

Waiting for that Amy Steven Adams and hopefully some other good cards

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Next year

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2k takes Christmas and New Years off so

Hopefully it’ll drop in between. I’m trying to get ak47

Why an amy Steven Adams? From that game with 23 reb a while ago?

Yeah he had a 20/20 game. I’m a fan of Adams so I would use that card. He also didn’t miss a free throw so the only thing he couldn’t be able to do is shoot

Yea big fan of Adams as well and would love an Amy but I reckon it’ll be forgotten and they also didn’t release it the day after the game either :frowning:

Yeah it’s crazu but I’m hoping that it’s because it’s the holidays or something

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Last year, it took almost three weeks after they released the kobe packs for them to release anything again. They did release a big batch of moments when they came back though, but it could take a while.