When are we going to get a Diamond Minnesota Kevin Love?

I’m actually really looking forward to this card in this Meta, especially if he is as good of a post scorer as he was in 2013-2014.

Valentine’s day


Probably true lmao.

If they were they should of did him earlier, he would get murdered by the bigs in the game now

Didn’t he win a 3point contest? On wolves?

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His cavs card in 2k17 was so goated I pretty much never missed on the trailing 3.

He was a liability on D but damn he was wet.

Honestly pretty sure it will be a PD with some HOF badges. Id expect him to be a part of a promo. As either the second or 3rd best player not counting set completion.

Took until July to get him last year. Who knows when it will be, also sounds like the type of player they’d do a ball drop locker code for.

That’s what I’m saying – his release is so butter.

If so then maybe a all star collection card


Didn’t him and issel have the same release last year?

Imagine Klove and KG from timbersolves tbe

Can’t wait for this KLove. Sapphire KLove lowkey a beast esp with that smooth jumper