When are we getting this Pippen duo?

I snagged the new Pip with a Curry low, and he’s my favorite 3 and D SF so far this year. Last night he was consistently matched up with PDs (Melo, LeBron, Giannis), and he made all kinds of plays defensively. He is absolutely staying on the squad.

But I’m really impatient for the (hopefully) inevitable duo with MJ. I’d guess they duo with MJ’s all star amy, but I literally bought MJ’s diamond last night just in case. I also have the MJ PD, whichever two MJs aren’t in the duo are getting sold.

When do people think we can expect the next round of duos? And if you’re thinking of getting Pippen, you will not be disappointed - He’s definitely a step up from Worthy and Dr. J defensively. Perhaps not as good off the dribble as Julius and not as good in the post as Worthy, but strictly as a 3 and D player he’s amazing.

2k is just so unpredictable this year. maybe there will never be a mj-pippen duo. maybe it’s pippen with rodman or pippen with emerald phil jackson. anything can happen. I really would not buy cards because of any future expectations.

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I wouldn’t even be mad with a pippen/Rodman duo seeing as I have a Rodman with a diamond 3pt shoe lol

We have been waiting for the utterly obvious McHale Bird duo since a month… Be patient :joy:

I sold MJ last night when I was drunk, now I want him back allready… sad thing is he only sold for 147k fully badged out with infinite shoe and contract.

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Still waiting aswell. Been holding onto cards hoping for a Duo Diamond Pippen/Jordan, Westbrook/OKC Durant, Cousins/Davis TMAC/Carter

I just hope we finally get it, I want to sell that MJ, not even using him.