When are we getting the god-tier player locker codes

We got opal codes on the 4th of July last year when are they coming this year

Probably in september when 2k21 drops

In September and it will be Trae young

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They didn’t do great locker codes this year because we had so many spotlight sims unlike last year how we got pd and opal codes and no offline sims they reversed it

Locker codes are deaaaad… they feel like since they gave away free opal cards thru challenges they dont need to give away nice cards on locker codes

Yeah true I’ve also honestly lost that excitement for locker codes they’re just liked meh oh well…

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Right after you decide to uninstall the game. Lol

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Exactly locker codes used to be dope if you got them now they just be lame :rofl::rofl:

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Yeah last year we had dope locker codes they even put Kawhi and big names in them

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Exactly man shits wild and today the droppin diamond cards like we want that tf haha

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Good ol days when my ass would use tweetdeck and scoop up PD’s by sitting on my butt.


PD Magic and Bird

'18 was my personal locker code glory year. I managed to get every single code except PD AD (but I had him already so it was w/e)

Easiest God Squad of my life.

I was so jealous cuz they all cost like 4mil. I got a few of them including KD. Can’t forget the KAT code either

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Same, I think I got every code except Bird and the guys I didn’t use I sold to buy perfect MJ.

were gonna get trash locker codes for the rest of the week cos there gonna say that they gave us an opal code even tho there are amythest better than him

To be fair this year they have done other things.

Daily logins
Goat cards in challenges
Spotlights players

I can’t blame them for scaling back on locker codes.


yesterday i landed on GO Hayes, which is perfectly made my starting 4

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Yeah, locker codes just aren’t as big of a deal when there are sooo many options/opportunities to get a really good card for free.

I mean I have over 900 cards and 3/4 (easily) of them are rewards. That’s so drastically different from previous years that it’d be silly to even make the comparison.

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