When are these goat packs coming

are they coming tomorrow or monday or when do u think they are coming

i would guess next friday, but monday or wednesday are good guesses if 2k just wants to pull the plug

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i doubt it’s friday cos it wouldnt get leaked a week early

They should break the game the rest of the way and just drop them tomorrow. YOLO, see you in 21.

But I’ll guess Monday.

This isn’t my main worry I just want them to be purchasable with MT



Next week we get a massive evo update with probably evo super packs that never expire and then goat packs that don’t expire. Game over


Definitely next Friday I would think

I think we could see them tomorrow or Monday if they do another week of content I’d be surprised the real question is are any of the goats gonna become buy now because of packs

no way they come tomorrow.

these nba is back packs need to be milked

yea Duncan Russell Stockton probably

Wednesday would be my earliest guess, but leaning towards Friday since these packs would have new players as well and they aren’t just super packs.

Duncan and Russell were the final cards I wanted for this year I can’t wait for them to be mad cheap

John Stockton is 100% gonna be a buy now

They could drop anywhere from Monday-Friday. Hopefully closer to Monday lol

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I want them now :joy: I want to just rip

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The market is so fucking different just compared to yesterday. GOAT packs are gonna seal the deal on 2K20.

That’s why I feel like their dropping tomorrow they still have to announce a lot for 21 and they wouldn’t leak it a full week in advance it’s on everyone’s neighborhood page.

Oop2 Kd > Goat Kd

is tmac sg/pg?