When are people planning to spend their stack?

When are people planning to spend their stack?

I’ve just sold off most of my auctionable cards to stack mt.

As it’s coming to the end of the cycle I am wondering when to go on a spending spree.

I made a list of top tier players I wanted at the start of the year to finish the year with, I had in my mind opals… I forgot about that list until yesterday. Problem is some of the early opals will be very outdated and the ones that aren’t are very expensive.

This was the dream:
Penny, t mac, Kawhi, AD, Embid
Bron, kobe, beasley, Worthy, shaq

Problem is penny will be useless, AD is not obtainable, kobe might not happen, beasley won’t get a better card and most of the others will be more than the 2mill I have.

When are people gonna say f**k it?

Shaq talking bout a Kobe cover for 21…

If they still have the rights and drop Opal Mamba this year, I’ll spend it all happily


Definitely: mamba mentality

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they’ll probably drop another pd ad at some point. He’s too popular.
Embiid opal will be fire too.
I wish they gave us a juiced penny, that card is so fun but he’s not exactly up to par with cards now.

GO Kobe will have 99 everything with +60 hof badges

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And cost 3000 tokens?

Speed boosting, 3pt greening Shaq

That’s a huge stretch, game got months to live.

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I heard people recently say 2k still has Kobe’s right for the game. They acting like the Thank You Kobe don’t exist with evo ruby Kobe. They would’ve been dope for a Kobe spotlight


Spent mines on a shiny new iPad

Maybe not end of cycle, but to a point where players aren’t outdated to the point of being completely obsolete.

So Opal KD for arguments sake likely will be outclassed but will still be usable. So starting to construct the final lineup now will not be wasted MT

At this stage we can only hope.

Just think, Opals from the beginning of the year had 15-20 HOF badges. Now they have 35-40.

In about 1-2 months time, they should regularly have 70-75 HOF badges.

Just like beginning of the year Opals can’t really hang with current ones, the same will happen to those OP cards out right now.

People been worried bout their final lineup since September I don’t get that I want my best lineup everyday. I bet by the time u actually get to your “final lineup” you play about 20 games with it.


Yeah but there comes a point where certain cards will have badges they don’t really need

Yeah, I want to play with the players I want, don’t care about the best team.

But I hate to drop 500k on a card for a better version of that player to come out

Maybe, or those badges become needed due to every other card having them, I mean this was the case last year when we were able to apply our own badges.

This is what it’s really about imo, not having the “BEST” team, but having the team you want without breaking the bank.

Exactly, the team I want may change but I want to avoid having to pay 2k any money

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