When 2K doesn't want you to win

Saw this on Twitter and thought it’d be worth the share… prayers to this guy’s controller


Hahaha WTF

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He should’ve just intentionally fouled mid-way through that sequence if he wasn’t in bonus.
Timeout right after that so the game calms itself down.

But yeah, that’s some bullshit.
Nothing like cold players zig-zagging for 10sec without dropping the ball.

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I would just laugh at how ridiculous it is before entering no joke or mercy mode


I broke 3 controllers in FUT 16 i believe. Managed to repair last one. Ever since they are pretty safe.

Literally last night this dude ripped me 4-5 times in a row to change the momentum of the game. Like I’ll do you get that same stupid ass animation every time. Luke every time he reached steal. I have wide open steals, foul smh

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Last year I threw a controller.
Had to dissasemble it and put together that feedback spring for L2 button.

It wont stop until he gets a 3. It won’t even let them make a dunk. 3 or bust when that happens. I’ve experienced this 1000x on this end. Maybe 20x for me.

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Definitely makes it seem like the comeback/equalizer algorithm kicking in basically forcing him to score